Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dave - the voice of reason

I had the pleasure of working with Dave from Spring 2005 to Fall 2006.

Dave always had time for everyone. It was so great to have a conversation with Dave about cooking, music, KIDS, sports, high school in the 70's, local politics and people in general.I always admired Dave for his ability to look at situations from all perspectives, his way of always being non judgmental and such a kind, down-to-earth human being. Thanks Dave, for being such a great friend and colleague.

Cathy Mathison

Monday, June 4, 2007

dave's priorities

I love the fact that Dave's priorities and values were always crystal clear. Here's my memory.... One day he and I were talking about using the Internet for marketing - for non-profits and political groups. He had such great ideas that I suggested we team up and he join my company to lead a special division focused on this area of expertise...it would be a great gig, with a chance for some ownership consideration in the company as well... His immediate response, without hesitation? 'Are you unionized?' ... well the conversation ended there quickly, but I always loved that fame, nor fortune could shake Dave from the things he believed in most.

- chris carder